Pulmonary Valve Disease

by | 20 May, 2020

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Pulmonary stenosis

Pulmonary stenosis refers to abnormal narrowing of the pulmonary valve.


Sound: Ejection systolic murmur

Loudest region: Pulmonary area (Left sternal border at 2nd intercostal space)

Accentuation: Inspirationejection systolic murmur

ejection systolic murmur

Ejection systolic murmur

Ejection systolic murmur. Source: University of Michigan Murmur library



Balloon dilatation is offered in cases where right ventricular pressure is >60 mmHg, even if asymptomatic.

Pulmonary Regurgitation

Pulmonary regurgitation refers to leaking of the pulmonary valve during diastole such that blood returns to the right ventricle from the pulmonary artery.


Sound: Early diastolic murmur

Loudest region: Pulmonary area (Left sternal border at 2nd intercostal space)

Accentuation: Inspiration

early diastolic murmur

Early diastolic murmur

Early diastolic murmur. Source: University of Michigan Murmur library


  • Congenital valve abnormality
  • Pulmonary hypertension


Valve replacement


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